Basic Configuration after Installing WordPress

WordPress works in a way when the installation is complete but the created web contains only basic elements that require further setting. Begin by logging into the administration interface at Use the username and password you created during installation.


Immediately after logging in you will see the so-called Dashboard, where you will find all key information about your web and settings possibilities. There is the Right Now widget showing number of posts, comments, spam, categories, tags and pages. Other widgets include: QuickPress, Recent Comments, Recent Drafts, Plugins, Incoming Links, WordPress Blog and Other WordPress News. You can move all of these by mouse or disable them.

General Settings

The first thing you should do is to customize general settings. In the menu, go to ‛Settings’ → ‛General’. There you can change the Site Title and Tagline that will be displayed in each page headline, site address (URL), e-mail address, time zone, time and data format and so on. An interesting feature is the User Level – more about it later.

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