How to install a theme using via FTP

Installing a theme via FTP is relatively quick and simple. Find a theme you like on the web and download it to your hard drive. You can look for themes on servers providing free themes – one of the websites where to find them is the original WordPress web. You can also buy one at a graphic design studio, or even order a custom-made theme from a graphic designer.

Follow these steps to install the theme. Open your FTP client in the WordPress folder on your hosting account. Load the theme into the following folder: /wp-content/themes/. There you can find all themes currently available in your WordPress. Upload the downloaded theme into this folder. It is commonly packed as .zip archive that is automatically unpacked during installation and a folder with the name of the theme is created. Even if you’re uploading the unpacked files into your WordPress, follow the instructions above. The folder named as your theme is the place where it will be placed and from where it will be loaded. Now that the theme is loaded into the hosting, you need to activate it. After logging in into WordPress, click on Appearance –› Themes where you will see all the currently installed themes. Choose the one you want to be displayed and click on Activate under the theme preview. And that’s it. The theme is activated and now you can adjust it to your needs.

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